Are You Suffering From Addiction?

If you have been accepted into our program, keeping in mind that this is a temporary housing facility, you can NOT bring everything you own.

There is very small space for personal items. Essentially, each bed has about 3ft of hanging space, 3 dresser drawers, and 1 foot locker.

You should just bring the bare minimum and if you find that you need something else, your family can bring it or you can purchase it later. But, we will not allow you to acquire too much here.

If in doubt about something, just call and ask us.

Read the Program Rules and the Quick Facts below and feel free to call us at (407) 293-3822 to ask questions or to set up your phone interview.

  1. Program Rules (future clients)
  2. FSM Quick Facts (future clients)
  3. Family Packet (family members of future clients)

Please call us at (407) 293-3822 if you have any questions, would like to set up a phone interview, or want to check the status of your application.